First-class excavation, crushing and mining products

Kestotec Oy is a company that serves operators in the fields of excavation, crushing and mining. We design, develop and make high-quality, durable products for Finnish excavation, infrastructure and mining professionals.

Our goal is to find good solutions for improving the competitiveness of our customer companies. Our guiding idea is to constantly develop and offer better and more durable excavation products and solutions for different subjects requiring wear protection.

All excavation products – quality and functionality

In addition to our own products, through our partner network we are able to offer a very large selection of products, and our customers don’t need to spend time on studying different acquisition channels or products. Our operation is guided by an uncompromising attitude towards quality, functionality and customer service. Contact us, and we’ll tell you more!

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Suosittele meitä

Products and services of the Miilux Abrasion Resistant Steel Centre available through us everywhere in Finland!

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